How sicherbezahlen works

When the buyer and seller agree on on the sales price, sicherbezahlen is the perfect solution for the payment.



Information for the identification of the buyer


To ensure the highest level of security, every buyer must go through a short identification process after a transaction offer has been created. If the buyer is already identified for an earlier transaction, a second identification is not necessary. Seller do not need it. The integrated identification process takes 5 minutes and will be performed by our video-ident-partner IDnow. In this process you do a short video call on your mobile phone or PC (webcam necessary) with an IDnow-agent. During the call the agent ask you some personal data and take a picture of your ID to match your data.
We recommend our iOS- or Android-App, if you want to use sicherbezahlen on your mobile phone. In this case you don’t need to download the IDnow-APP because it’s integrated in our sicherbezahlen-App. Click here to read more information about this identification process.


Where can I use sicherbezahlen?


You can use sicherbezahlen throughout the entire SEPA area. Therefore the Buyer and seller need a SEPA bank account. Here you will find a list of all SEPA countries. 


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