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sicherbezahlen is a safe and comfortable payment provider for cars and boats. Buyers do not have to make a down or advance payment. Brokers and sellers always see that the buyer has paid the money. The Pay-out takes place at handover.

  • EASY
  • Safe
  • Time-Saving
  • Excellent value
    • Cashless payment
    • Replaces the down payment
    • Via smartphone or PC
    • Price adjustment anytime possible
    • TÜV certified payment service
    • Safe mTAN process
    • Secured by European deposit insurance
    • 100% control over your money
    • Sign-Up in 1 minute
    • Real-time transaction status by SMS & E-Mail
    • No visit to the bank needed
    • Visit & buy on same day
    • Free Sign-Up
    • Fair fees - no hidden costs
    • Fee only with successful transaction
    • Flexible feesplit with the seller

How does it work?

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sicherbezahlen in 100 seconds


How much does sicherbezahlen cost?

The registration is free of charge. A small fee is only charged when a payment takes place. The fee is paid by default, depending on who sends the offer to pay through sicherbezahlen. Optionally before the offer is sent, the sender can decide wether he fully accepts the fees, share or hand over the fees completely. The fee is calculated depending on the price of the boat.

How do I create a transaction offer for a boat?

After a successful sign-up, you can create and send a transaction offer via sicherbezahlen. sicherbezahlen does not distinguish between a boat or a car. You can use the input field for the subject of a transaction so that is convenient for you or your transaction partner. You can skip the optional fields because they relate to cars, but upload a photo of the boat if you like. 

Where is sicherbezahlen available?

The service of sicherbezahlen can be used in the whole SEPA area. The requirement therefore is that, both, the seller of the boat as well as the buyer have a SEPA account. A list of countries from the SEPA area can be found here: SEPA countries

What do I need to use sicherbezahlen?

To be able to use the service of sicherbezahlen, you need an e-mail address, internet connection, a mobile phone or smartphone with a valid mobile number. You can also use your PC, laptop or tablet.

How is it guaranteed that I'll receive my money?

sicherbezahlen initiates the transfer of the money as soon as the buyer releases the money with the input of the mTAN. The payout normally needs one working day. Typically the seller will receive the money the next day after the transaction. Requirement is that the transaction takes place before 4:00 p.m. After the buyer has entered the mTAN, both, you and the buyer receive a confirmation through E-Mail & SMS.

sicherbezahlen for Broker:

Offer sicherbezahlen (for boats) as a payment service for your customers and save yourself the annoying payment process. Optionally, we can transfer your commission directly to you according to an agreement with the seller. In addition, a “break-up fee” can also be defined. The seller will receive this money in any case – even if the payment is canceled. Feel free to give us a call! Broker Hotline: +49 (0)221 177383 80.

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